4-port RFID Reader


ThingMagic's 4-port IZAR reader is programmable and has both read and write capabilities. It has a performance of more than 750 tags read per second, which allows it to be used in many applications such as retail, transport, and medical sector. This UHF RFID reader is ideal for customers who need to implement a high performance system in addition to minimizing engineering costs, as it is ready to use and is easily integrated.

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Technical characteristics:

  • Dimensions: 194 mm L x 139 mm W x 33.6 mm A
  • 4 antenna ports provide improved reading coverage
  • Designed with ThingMagic technology
  • Wide temperature range for both indoor and outdoor sheltered
  • The universal reader assistant of ThingMagic and the Mercury API shortens the testing and development process
  • RAINstream  optional to allow direct transfer to backend systems through different alternative protocols

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